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In the spirit of 'Thanksgiving'; in the spirit of family, community and love; in light of the vicious attacks against protesters in MPLS, we are asking everyone who has #BULLETPROOF. gear to share a 15 sec video or a picture w/ caption showering our #blmMPLS family with love and support!

*A prompt to use: I am grateful for...

Please use #ShowerMPLS, #blmMPLS, and #bulletproofBLM hashtags on social media.


Peace, family! I am grateful for all of the brilliant souls who are unphased by the senseless acts of terror brought against our communities everyday! Whether it is being #BlackonCampus or organizing the #4thPrecinctShutDown, whether it is calling out the #BackDoorMayor in Los Angeles or calling in the youth with #BooksandBreakfast in St. Louis...I am grateful for all of my #BULLETPROOF. souls out there past present and future!

*And I want to #ShowerMPLS with some Black Love...Peace to the whole #blmMPLS family standing strong in the wake of the Monday's shooting. You all represent exactly what it means to being #bulletproofBLM!